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Corporate Partners

Investing in young people not only changes lives—it makes good business sense.

At IYF, we consult closely with our corporate partners to understand their business objectives and social priorities in order to co-design tailored programs that generate shared value. We have a long track record of sharing partners’ focus on the bottom-line impact of their investments in job-ready youth: greater productivity, increased employee engagement and retention, and reduced hiring and training costs. Our sole focus has been to help young people succeed, and our corporate partners count on IYF as trusted subject matter experts.

The world is currently facing one of its most serious challenges, with consequences that go far beyond its effect on the environment: climate change. Today there is a scientific consensus that human activity is beyond reasonable doubt a significant factor behind the current rapid changes in the world’s climate. The production of energy using fossil fuels, and consequently the mass emission of greenhouse gases (GHG), is pushing the earth’s temperature to dangerous figures. Renewable energies could be the long-term answer for this challenge, using various sources of alternative energy such as tidal waves, and solar, wind and bio-mass technologies. However, these solutions will only become efficient enough to significantly replace fossil fuels several decades into the future.

Today society is committed to working fast to amend this problem and prevent a global environmental disaster. Businesses have started to recognize that climate change poses both risks and opportunities, with strategic and financial implications. 

Help us Build Capacities for NATURE

With our many years of experience, you can be confident when making your donation. Your tax-deductible gift helps ensure that many people around the world, including some of the most vulnerable and under-served, are able to gain the expertise and understanding that can enhance their contribution to a greener and climate-conscious world. Unless otherwise marked, all donations will go directly to our Leadership program, to invest in people-led grassroots climate action.

Environmental challenges in recent years have increased the trend of “going green” in businesses like never before. There are two main factors that are currently pushing toward environmental-friendly business behaviors: harsher international and local regulations and the high fluctuations of fossil-fuel prices. In the category of international regulations, one major step in the fight against climate change is the Kyoto Protocol. This agreement is linked to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The major feature of the Kyoto Protocol is that it sets binding targets for 37 industrialized countries and the European Community for reducing greenhouse gases emissions. The usiness approach reflected in the protocol provides incentives through carbon trading (e.g. a company or a country finding it expensive to achieve an emission reduction can alternatively buy credits, so that the money can be used anywhere else on projects where an equivalent reduction of emissions could be achieved at lower cost). Although this protocol has not been signed by some major industrialized countries (including the United States), over time, both international and local regulations are increasing environmental protection all over the world.