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The EnvironmentalCapacity and Sustainability Institute (ECAS Institute)

 is a non-profit making and value-driven, multi-disciplinary social enterprise primarily devoted to the promotion of excellence and integrity in the practice of management. The Institute was established in 1954 as a premier institute that provides management consultancy and capacity-building services to corporate organizations and other institutions.

ECAS Institute is a. We are registered in Kenya as a social enterprise under the Companies Act 2015.

As an independent technical and advisory organization with deep expertise in policy and project development, our mission is to help governments, businesses, and development-led organizations drive low-carbon economic growth while addressing climate change. Our vision is to build sustainable, resilient, and inclusive local economies.

who we are

In our work, we emphasize transparency, accountability & environmental ethics.

We work with governments, the private sector, research/academics, not-for-profit organizations, and individuals.

We have served clients & worked with partners in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo, South Sudan, Somalia, South Africa, Ethiopia, Malawi, Ghana, the United Kingdom, and the USA.

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We partner and collaborate around climate change, sustainable cities and urbanization, agribusiness and climate-smart-agriculture, sustainable energy, green growth/economy, blue economy, just transition, nature-based services & sustainable innovation.

We at ECAS Build the skills and capacity of institutions, organizations, and individuals.

Research and analyze complex and pressing environmental and energy challenges.

Promotes and disseminates the best practices through print and electronic media

Convenes people with diverse perspectives to build understanding through debates and dialogues


We are internationally recognized

working to strengthen environmental protection and improvement of the environment, social, and governance considerations for individuals, corporates, institutions, and organizations


Take pride as a Pan-African think-tank that is working to expedite training, research, and advisory services to

inform decision-making for sustainable development.


A world-class center of excellence in training, coaching, research, and

consulting working towards a healthy environment, thriving businesses, and

resilient communities.


We believe strongly in partnering with others at national, regional, and

international levels and with a range of actors in government, academia,

implementation agencies and development partners so that together we

can leverage our synergies for greater impacts.

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ECAS Institute is an organization incorporated in Kenya, and its Board of Directors is committed to upholding a high standard of governance and aspires to align the organization’s public disclosure practices with international standards wherever practical and reasonable. We believe a philosophy of candor and transparency is the key to facilitating a relationship of trust with our constituents and the public at large.